Two Weeks Plan (One Stock)


Market Interpreter – Two-Weeks Trial Subscription


To See the World in a Flower. To See the Stocks in One Spreadsheet.


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Preface – Jesse Livermore, ‘nobody can catch all the fluctuations”.

Terms / Method of Delivery (Email)

Please observe the following steps so the ensure a smooth transaction and service/ product delivery:

1) You provide us:

  • your interested stock name/ code (available in Google Finance); and
  • email address in the course of settling payment with us.

2) The price listed here is for ONE stock Two Weeks (~10 trading days, ie, Tuesday to Monday, Thursday to Wednesday, etc)

3)  Within three business days upon receiving your payment, an Excel spreadsheet containing Pivotal Points of that particular stock will be sent to you on daily basis (trading day) within four hours of the market close (the market where the mentioned stock is listed) for Two Weeks via email


Also view our offers on One Month Plan and One Month Mega Plan


Thank You!

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Note: The Pivotal Point in our stock trading program/ Market Interpreter is your aid only. Its use is in no way a guarantee of success nor is it a substitution for thorough analysis before stock trading. You should carefully consider a market entry or market exit strategy and make investment decisions based on your own judgement and experience. Please note there are chances that both you and Pivotal Points are wrong and subsequent losses may occur.
Disclaimer: Stock trading involves risk. This service/ plan does not constitute an offer for the purchase or sale of any stocks. You should carefully consider whether the stock(s) you are interested is(are) appropriate for you in view of your investment experience, objectives, financial resources, risk tolerance level and relevant circumstances.