One Day Pass – Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)


You can access to the downloadable spreadsheet with transaction data and Pivotal Point(s) if any on the captioned stock the same date you settle the payment.


On top of the above, transaction data and pivotal points starting 3 January 2007 are included as well in the downloadable spreadsheet for information.




Ordering Process

  1. You adds product to your cart.
  2. You check out and pay via PayPal Standard (Downloadable link does not work with PayPal Express in this case).
  3. After payment via PayPal Standard, you can:
    • Be granted download permission
    • See download link on the order received page
    • See download link in your email notification
    • See download link on your ‘My Account’ page if logged in

You can then download file within the date of your purchase.

Thank you!

SRPub |Stock’s Right Price Pub|


Note: The Pivotal Point is for information only. Its use is in no way a guarantee of success nor is it a substitution for thorough analysis before stock trading. You should make investment decisions based on your own judgement and experience. Please note there are chances that both you and Pivotal Point(s) are wrong and subsequent losses may occur.




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