Warren Buffett’s Regrets

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Fundamental? Technical? Form Your Own Opinion

We believe in Jesse Livermore’s Pivotal Points; we take W. Gann’s view that history will repeat; we know we should never argue with the tape, and market is always right.

But that does not mean we disagree with value investors’ or ‘fundamentalists’ core values. In fact, their views in selecting the right security are among the cornerstones underlying our Opinion Formation on a Stock.

Form your Own Opinion FIrst

Form your own opinion on a stock first, or selecting the right stock based on your own judgement from the perspective of a “techincalist’s” or a “fundamentalist’s”. Upon proper assessment of your risk tolerance level, you can now consult the opinion of Market Interpreter. The opinion of Market Interpreter is made purely based on the assumption that history will repeat as there is nothing new in Wall Street. In this way it is free of prejudice, emotionless, immune to market rumors. Or in other words, no “greed” and “fear” will be in our way beating the market.

The Living Legend – Warren Buffett

On forming your own opinion about a security based on value investors or “fundamentalists”  criterion, we take Warren Buffett, the living legend, as an example, one of his rules in selecting the right stock – “focus on the future productivity of the asset you are considering” – outshines and inspires us all.

Warren Buffett yet got his own regrets, he admitted he should have invested in Google or Amazon instead of IBM at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting 2017.

A short clip below on how Market Interpreter captured the Pivotal Points of W. Buffett’s regrets – Alphabets, Amazon

Bonus clips:
– Microsoft (despite his 25 years’ friendship with Bill Gates W. Buffett’s stake in Microsoft is relatively small);
– Apple (W. Buffett more than doubled his holdings in Apple in 2017, not because it’s a tech stock, but the consumer-retaining power of Apple and CEO).

Life is not Without Regrets

The humble investor admitted that he and partner Charlie Munger “miss a lot of things, and we’ll keep doing it.”

If we never miss a thing, we can win the world in one month. Life is not without regrets.

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