Pivotal Points

Five Steps in Making Use of the Pivotal Points

Market Interpreter - One Spreadsheet for ALL


Step I. Form Your Own Opinion

You form an opinion as to what the move of next importance will be in a given stock.



Step II. Read the Tape

Observe the transaction price and volume of the targeted stock.



Step III. Capture the Pivotal Points

Market Interpreter, which generate Pivotal Points in One Spreadsheet, forms opinions as to what the next movement of importance will be in a given stock based on transaction data.


Step IV. Patience. Patience

Don’t take action with a trade until the market, itself, confirms you and Market Interpreter's opinion. Sometimes being a little late in a trade is a necessary upfront insurance cost in ensuring a big win. Never be an impatient trader, as in surfing, patience is one of the key rules for success.

Step V. Your Judgement Call

Market Interpreter cannot work alone, a person of emotional balance and good sense of judgement is a must in translating the opinions of Market Interpreter into winning tips.


Capturing the Pivotal Points in One Spreadsheet

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