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Capturing Pivotal Points Across Different Stock Markets

To See the Markets in One Spreadsheet

TO SEE HEAVEN in a wild flower AND TO SEE THE STOCK MARKET in one spreadsheet     從一朵蓮花裡窺見天堂 在一張表格內算盡股票市場 1 TO SEE THE WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour. —William Blake. The infinitude of all is in a flower, the infinite space can be in a finite hand, and Market Interpreter can humbly

Warren Buffett’s Regrets

Fundamental? Technical? Form Your Own Opinion We believe in Jesse Livermore’s Pivotal Points; we take W. Gann’s view that history will repeat; we know we should never argue with the tape, and market is always right. But that does not mean we disagree with value investors’ or ‘fundamentalists’ core values. In fact, their views in selecting the right security are among the cornerstones underlying our Opinion Formation on a Stock. Form your Own Opinion FIrst

Panic. Brexit

恐慌, 市場 大笨象(0005.HKG)發威, 法國選舉,英國脫歐,蝴蝶撲翅,狂風暴雨,世界萬物相連,股票市場不獨,動向有跡可循. 傑西李佛摩(Jesse Livermore)意指, 看股票的交易量,能通市場的正確方向. 信息世界,資訊爆炸,謠言滿天飛,無奈無序,混沌無明,是嗎?看數字好了,數字能撥開市場的面紗,任群鶯亂舞,數字如鷹眼,能看穿其中把戲. 匯豐的沉澱期夠長的了, 其真正的發威時期,在去年英國票投脫歐時,期間,恐慌滿佈市場,但表格卻逆向對匯豐投下信任的一票. 蒐集匯豐的良機 – 去年的六月底七月頭,英國票投脫歐,市場恐慌時。    

Tencent . Sun Hung Kai. Deja Vu


畢菲特說要找一個滿腦子都是錢(a money mind)的人,這不容易,現成就有一個—– 說笑 :-)。 現在看到交易量,就看到錢,想其背後操盤者,到底是”錢”進呢,還是興風作浪一番,耍一輪掩眼法後捲錢潮退?…

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