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Capturing Pivotal Points in One Spreadsheet

Market Interpreter


2017年,在一些傳統經濟學學者眼中,算離經叛道的行為經濟學(Behavioral Economics),跟一直較滯後的香港股市,同樣春風得意。「行為經濟學之父」得主塞勒(Richard Thaler)奪最新一屆的諾貝爾經濟學獎,香港的恆生指數,則屢創高峰。



“管理時間、管理情緒”的投資心法,是投機大師傑西.李佛摩(Jesse Livermore) 40年操盤經歷的寶貴歸納,人人知之,但如何應用之,譯股勁利用能人所不能的現代計算機,為此心法發揮極致。

There is "A Random Walk Down Wall Street", there is "A Non-random Walk Down Wall Street". We tend to take side with the latter, as we can follow the market, and the market gives us a direction, that is - staying on the RIGHT side of the market, always.

How to stay on the right side of the stock market? We know tracking a momentary glimpse and anticipating the next movement of importance in the stock market is no easy task, as here volatility seems to be the rule, and certainty is the exception.

One solution is the use of computers to buy stocks. So-called “quantitative analysis” are not new and have been around for years, relying on computer algorithms to identify short-term trading patterns and opportunities in the market.

Market Interpreter can tell the movement of a stock based on its momentary oddness revealed in its price and volume. Like a FALCON in full swing who can capture a flying STARLING when it's slightly off the course of a whirling, ever-changing pattern, Pivotal Points can help you grab the market turns.

Capturing Pivotal Points with Market Interpreter 譯股勁

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Your Judgement Call and Patience


Same Pivotal Points - Different Stocks - Different Markets



Click Here - HKG:0005

Tencent Holdings


Click Here - HKG: 0700, Inc.


Click Here - NASDAQ: AMZN

Sun Hung Kai Properties


Click Here - SHK HKG: 0016

Alphabet Inc



Capturing Pivotal Points Across Different Stock Markets

Pivotal Points






Don't get lost in the stock market. "There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side and the bear side, but the right side."

Pivotal point is a road sign along the stock market highway; and it is also your standing point in a surfboard catching the market waves. But don't try to catch all the waves, as nobody can catch all the fluctuations. Life is not without regrets, false alarm is not unusual. Surfing in stock market is an art, not a science. Without your judgement call pivotal point is just an amazing surfboard siting on the right tide without an incredible and experienced surfer to manage it.

While Market Interpreter 股易通 offers a complete set of new market indicators on major and intermediate PIVOTAL REVERSAL POINTS for any stock in ONE SPREADSHEET, it does not contradict the variety of factors based on which humans depend for decades on investment decisions, including fundamentals such as profit growth and valuations.

In short, Market Interpreter 股易通 is of a complementary/ supplementary nature.

Stay on the right side of the stock market us. And being a FALCON stretched in full swing, you can catch the flying STARLINGs from a whirling, ever-changing pattern.

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